About Us

How I began

Hi! I’m Elizabeth W. Carothers from Oregon. I’m a part-time mother, blogger and baker. Always been a huge fan of digital marketing which is what also made my online bakery business successful. 

In the past, I was also baffled by technology. I sometimes even need help going into the internet through my cellphone. That’s why when I started getting used to it, I read up different blogs on how online applications and digital marketing can help my business. This is also one of the reasons I began writing blogs and reviews, to help others blossom their business and dominate the digital market.

Back when I started my bakery business, I was using traditional methods in marketing such as fliers and pamphlets, posting huge posters to promote my bakery. That was the time when a friend of mine recommended for me to try going digital with my business and try out digital marketing. The sales and conversions as we digital marketers call it ( wink ) shoot through the roof. So with my experience in having a business and digital marketing I’ve started blogging and reviewing different software and applications to help the general business in making an informed decision on what tools can they use to better help their business in the online world.

The Promise

With the recent pandemic, we can’t deny the fact that the majority of the population is turning to online and digital solutions. Online classes, work from home jobs, even online shops! This Is why I dedicated my time into creating a blog that can help people boost their online presence.

Some of the products I’ve been reviewing are affiliate products, I’ll be honest, but my promise as a reader is this. I will not be biased and one-sided on any company or product. I will do the best of my abilities in delivering pure and unadulterated reviews to provide you with the information that you are looking for.

Who I serve

Anyone who’s looking on how to start promoting and boosting their online personas. Whether you’re a first time blogger-student, or a seasoned businessman who’s looking to expand into the digital world. I’m sure that you will pick up a thing or two from my reviews.

I’m also aiming for people who are a bit on the conservative side when it comes to their confidence in their digital marketing venture.  I want to show you guys how these tools can help boost your conversions and how digital marketing in general can help you succeed with your business

Final Words

I’m a mother and business owner that risked it all when I started transitioning to digital marketing for my business. It’s scary at first, trust me I’ve also been through what you are going through. The only difference is, now, you have my blog as a guide on how to utilize the tools and applications that are available to you through my reviews. Hope you have a great time reading my write ups.

Just remember, marketing is the past, digitalization is the future!