Learn Urban Survival Skills to Stay Safe!

Urban Survival Skills is a hot topic with many people. There are websites dedicated to showing people how to survive in case of emergency. Many people have survival food in their pantry in case anything should happen to the food supply in stores. It is always a good idea to have canned and freeze-dried food on hand to meet any unexpected situations that may occur. It is also essential to have survival water to help the individuals make it through at least a week if anything should happen to the municipal water supply system. The key to survival, if any unforeseen situation should arise, is to be prepared for all eventualities.

Keep Your Supplies Intact

It is possible to have everything on hand that is required to keep the members of the household comfortable and safe during emergencies. There may be times when outside food sources are scarce, and it is best not to have to rely on the food supplies sold in stores. During times of crisis, it is generally noted that many people will resort to looting. At such times it may not be possible to find the food that is required to survive. In times of crisis, it is often dangerous to go out into the streets. At such times it is good to have enough urban survival supplies on hand to be able to wait until law and order has been restored.

Maintain Urban Survival Gear

Survival gear can be bought in stores, and there are items to meet every situation. It is possible to obtain oil lamps and candles to enable the household members to see after dark if the electricity is affected. These lamps are entirely safe and provide plenty of light in the evenings. Many survival kits contain a complete selection of all items that can be needed in case of emergencies. The kits contain dehydrated food bags and water tablets to sanitize water supplies. Practical items such as knives and forks are also often included. You cannot exercise your urban survival skills without proper resources.

Many things can be done to prepare for an emergency. It is possible to shop in stores that sell survival-gear. If the individual is confident he can buy his emergency supplies separately. It is best in most cases to buy the ready-made emergency kits. This way it is assured that none of the essential items for survival have been forgotten. Many people will also want to have a port-a-potty saved only for emergency situations. This is especially the case in an urban survival environment where it is not possible to use the outdoor facilities.

Urban Survival kits should be a staple of the emergency preparedness plan that every family should have in place before disaster strikes. It is always good to plan to meet the emergency of the situation. Many kits will have special thermal blankets that reflect heat back to the sleeper. Some kits contain sleeping bags. It is essential to be able to keep warm in case of heating failure in the home. This is especially urgent in colder climates since hypothermia can set in fairly quickly.

Consider Urban Survival Insurance

Food insurance is the main topic for many survival conscious families. It is possible to buy enough food to last for months thanks to the new freeze-dry technology. Large amounts of food can be kept for emergencies because freeze-dried food takes up so little space. The packets can contain whole meals and desserts. It only requires water to reconstitute the items to their average volume. Meats and desserts can be bought in these bags. These are the kinds of food items that astronauts eat during space flights. When left in the original packaging these dried foods can last for years, and when they are reconstituted with water, they are delicious.

Don’t Forget about Financial Preparedness

As important as food and water are to meet emergencies, it is just as important to plan for financial preparedness. If anything should happen to the banking system, it might not be possible to withdraw cash or use credit cards. This is why it is good to keep a supply of money in a safe place. Most stores will want to see cash when they are selling items during emergency times. It is not feasible that the stores will want to deal with credit cards and debit cards when the world’s banking supply has crashed.  In short, urban survival skills, in general, are quite necessary and we all should think about it.

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